Bash Script for Converting Video To MP3 Audio

I like listening to video training on my smartphone while walking to work. To save the space on the memory card I convert videos to MP3 audio in advance. For this purpose I wrote a Bash script which helps me to manage a conversion job. The script uses ffmpeg for conversion and it creates parallel conversion tasks to speed up the conversion process. The script checks the CPU load and it creates a new background process only if the CPU load is under a particular limit entered by a user.


Picture 1 - Script Usage

Below is the output from the conversion process.


Picture 2 - Output From Conversion Process

The script creates a log file displaying info about the result of all conversion tasks. If the conversion fails for a particular video file, the script displays a return value of ffmpeg utility and the name of the file which is not successfully converted.


Picture 2 - Output from Log File



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