This article contains a list of my own scripts that I found somehow useful. Feel free to use them and modify according to your needs. I do not take any responsibility for improper use or any damage caused by using them.

1. Networking & Servers

1.1 Automatic Deployment VyOS Live ISO on VMware VM
Bash script deploy downloads the latest VyOS ISO image and an Expect script install vyos.exp installs VyOS ISO on VMware vmdk disk.

1.2 Automatic Deployment of DRBL (Clonezilla) Server
The script installs and configure DRBL server on Ubuntu with a single Ethernet card. You have to provide the name of Ethernet interface as an argument. The script creates a virtual interface for you based on a physical interface. It also downloads a DRBL project public key, download and install drbl package from repository.

1.3 Secure Copy with Rsync from SSH server
The script keeps copying files with rsync command while a return value of the rsync command is not zero. Just edit script and set server IP address and bothe remote and local directory.

1.4 Collecting MAC and IP addresses of Hosts Connected to Cisco Switches
The script collects info about ports, MAC address and IP address of hosts connected to Cisco switches. It uses SNMP protocol to do this task so switches must contain a valid SNMP configuration.

1.5 Cloning Remote Linux Machines
The script backup automates a process of cloning disks of remote Linux machines. The script reads IP addresses from a file and uses credentials you provide as command-line arguments for SSH connection.

1.6 Public Key Authentication on Cisco IOS
The Bash script and the Expect script addkey.tcl deploy your pub key on remote Cisco routers. The Bash script loops over IP addresses of your routers stored in a text file and send IP address as an argument to the Expect script together with login credentials. The Expect script establishes connection to a router using SSH and it adds a hash of your pub key into to a configuration file of toyr router. It also creates a new privilege user with privilege level 15.

1.7 Downloading Linux CorePure64 ISO Image
The Bash script automates a process of downloading the latest Linux CorePure64 ISO image. It also creates 1GB disk VMDK image and start Qemu VM with parameter -cdrom and attached CorePure64 ISO.

2. Multimedia

2.1 Extracting MP3 from YouYube Videos with Youtube-dl
I am extremely bad in remembering correct syntax of commands so I wrote a Bash script convert based on the script youtube-dl which converts my favorite youtube videos to mp3 format. The script takes a YouTube link as an argument.

2.2 Convert CD Audio to MP3
The Bash script cda to converts CD audio to MP3.

2.3 Convert Video to MP3
The Bash script video to converts video to MP3.

2.4 Download YouTube Videos With Youtube-dl From Google Chrome Bookmarks
The Bash script simultaneously downloads videos from YouTube using saved Google Chrome bookmarks and it converts them to MP3 audio.

3. Security & Hacking

3.1 Hacking Clonezilla SE PXE Boot Client Password
The script get plain mounts a remote NFS directory on DRBL server and extracts a plain text password. The script takes an IP address of DRBL/Clonezilla server as an argument.

3.2 Simple Ransomware
The script uses openssl to encrypt doc docx txt xls and some other files with aes256 encryption algorithms and send an encryption key to a particular email address.

3.3 Dictionary Attack Against SSH Server
The script performs a dictionary attack against SSH server. It reads usernames and passwords from dictionaries (one file for a username and one file for a password) and uses them to login to SSH server. The script also supports interrupted guessing.

3.4 Change MAC Address Randomly
The script changes MAC address for chosen interface in a given time interval.


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