How to delete “non-existent” VG224 from database of Cisco Unified Communication Manager 7.0

Today we faced very strange behaviour during addition  new VG224 to  the database Cisco Unified Communication Manager 7.0.2:

It looked like VG224 couldn't be added to database because it was already sitting there. We went to find page and we tried to look it up according to Name (last 10 digits from MAC address of  FastEthernet interface) but without success.

It was a situation when VG224 was sitting in CUCM database but it wasn't visible through GUI  so  we couldn't configure its ports.

It was obviously bug on Cisco side so we open new Service Request.  The Cisco TAC enegineer suggested to get  access to CLI and removing the VG224 mac-address from sql table.

admin:run sql select * from device where description like "%1E4A53F8F3%"

where 1E4A53F8F3 are the last 10 digits from MAC address of  VG224 Fa 0/0 interface. After this command one row appeared:

pkid                                                                          name                           description

================================      ===============    ===============

307790d3-0453-46cd-8534-fe86cb50ca29     AN1E4A53F8F3FFF    AN1E4A53F8F3FFF

This row we deleted from SQL database:

admin:run sql delete from device where description like "%1E4A53F8F3%"
Rows: 1

After deleting VG224 from SQL database we could normally  add VG224 through CUCM admin page. We created a test port and it went to Rejected state. Reload from VG224 CLI solved this problem - after the gateway boot voice port registered with CUCM.


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