VOIP HOME LAB - Part 1.4 Linux Core 5.x x86 Installation on VMware Workstation

This is another tutorial from the series of articles that describe how to build network infrastructure for voice home lab. The tutorial shows installation of Core 5.1 x86 Linux on VMware Workstation 10.

Installation of Linux Core on Qemu is explained here and here in more detail. Although both installation methods achieve the same result, the first method is preferable way to install Core Linux. It uses an installation script that makes an installation automated and interactive thus much easier for non experienced Linux user.

1. Download Linux Core installation ISO image


2. Start VMware Workstation

Start VMware Workstation with the command:

$ sudo /usr/bin/vmware

  • New Virtual Machine
  • Custom (advanced) Virtual Machine Configuration
  • Install operating system from ISO image
  • Path to Linux Core install ISO image
  • Guest Operating system - Linux, Other Linux 3.x kernel
  • Enter Virtual machine name
  • Navigate to the directory where you want to keep VM files
  • Number of Processors -> 1
  • Memory RAM -> 128 MB
  • Network Connection -> Use network address translation (NAT)
  • I/O Controller type -> LSI Logic
  • Virtual Disk Type -> SATA
  • Disk -> Create a new virtual disk
  • Disk Size -> Maximum Virtual machine size to 0.5 GB
  • Store virtual disk as a single file
  • Disk File name


Picture 1 - Virtual Machine Settings

When Typical Virtual Machine Configuration option is chosen at the begging of installation the default SCSI Hard disk type is used and cannot be changed. In this case  a device /dev/sda is not recognized by Core Linux due to missing SCSI driver. For this reason it is recommended to select Custom (advanced) machine Configuration at the begging of installation. Afterwards you are allow to choose other hard disk types such as IDE or SATA.

Note: If you prefer installing Core Linux on SCSI virtual disk you must install SCSI driver first:

$ tce-load -wi scsi-3.8.13-tinycore

3. Download and start Linux Core Installation script

Install tc-install extension with the command:

$ tce-load -wi tc-install

Then you can start an installation script and continue with installation. according to the guide here.

$ sudo /usr/local/bin/tc-install.sh



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